This Radical Notion

(My farewell post to OakPark/CFLA)

I’m going to go out on a radical note because that’s fitting! I’m going out on the radical notion that you are more than your fitness or your body. You are most certainly a 1000x more than the number on the scale, or the pounds on a barbell. How do you experience life? Deal with stress? How loudly do you laugh? With mouth wide open until heads turn? How hard do you dance? So hard you rip your pants like Benet? Does every life blow feel personal and unescapable? Or are you so adaptable and yet so human that you cry and yell, and then shift directions. Does your fitness and health lend itself to humanity? How do you serve a community, small and big? Do you challenge stale and/or harmful norms to make a clear and equal pathway for everyone?

To me, this is health and fitness.

So, yes, you are more than this body that fluctuates in weight, that doesn’t always hit the PR, that loses sleep sometimes, that has pizza too often, that is frustrated by children and spouses, that works too hard but then remembers to rest. You are a soul that loves deeply, cares and shares and forgives and feels for others and moves mountains to get things done when needed. Aren’t you?

My parting desire is that you discover how compelling your body is – not for its perfect or imperfect looks, but because of its perfect design as a vehicle to experience an amazing life. Your body is not a shallow collage of round and high or loose and flat parts. It is an ecosystem; complex and fascinating – a gorgeous master plan that houses your beautiful mind and generous soul. And with that compulsion can you be moved to help it run as well as you can so that you can enjoy this short life and be helpful and do what you were meant to do with more ease.

I love you all.

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